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Discussion in 'Rocktropia events' started by mastermesh, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    Will there be an xmas gift thing this year like there was last year, and will it be dropping in to inventory on 12/21/2017 as Arkadia's recent vu announcment indicated would be happening on Arkadia? In the past it seems that certain planets do that type of thing on different days of the week as we approach or exit holiday seasons... just wondering when we should be on your planet to get the gifts if any are going to be coming at all this year. (kinda gets hard to make travel plans when you have to visit multiple planets in the same few days)

    Also will there be a mission related to the xmas season as there was last year? Arkadia's put up missions to get additional plushies and those missions are live already.
  2. Skai Boa

    Skai Boa New Member

    The Mission like last year would be fine. But this is just the offcial forum, so no one from the officals gives here informations.
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  3. ZayminKane

    ZayminKane New Member

    Official Information is too Official^ But yeah I felt bummed out flew to RT for Halloween to find out no gift this year. Who knows this year where I'll try
  4. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    Caly has gifts... Ark has gifts (one of the three there are reserved for aud holders I think?), Cyrene has the jellyworms... Toulan's announced no gift this year. We know better than to go to Next Island...

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