Who is Ark Royal


Sep 28, 2017
The MS Ark Royal is stationed at RTSstn...compliments of John Black Knight of Titans of Space who owns ToS Normandie and ToS Ark Royal the owner and Supreme Admiral of the ToS Starfleet...

It is based at RTSstn as part of the RT VSE training group of Rocktropians organised and allowed by John Black Knight and a Captain/Pilot of ToS ..danka soul needue aka (Soul) who has a shop and apartment and based as a Rocktropian and Crafter encouraging all to be active on RT and help new comers as required.

Please be aware that ToS Ark Royal is only part of the ToS Starfleet and no other group or affiliations.
http://www.titans-of-space.de/ for any further info or inquiries
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