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What you can do with a Refiner

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Special' started by DocGray, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. DocGray

    DocGray Administrator Forum Staff

    Kong Map
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Ocean
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Hills
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Jungle
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Coast
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Symbol
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: X
    1 King Kong Map Fragment: Legend

    ROCK Buck Stack
    10 Rock Bucks

    Ruxxnet Code
    3 Presidential Pay Stub
    10 Motorhead Keg
    1970 Vibrant Sweat
    180 ROCKtropia Record

    Medicinal Troll Ganja
    3 Troll Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Vixen Ganja
    3 Vixen Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Nuclear Ganja
    3 Nuclear Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Lemmy Ganja
    3 Lemmy Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Pop Ganja
    3 Pop Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Zombie Ganja
    3 Zombie Ganja Plant

    Medicinal Crypto Ganja
    3 Crypto Ganja Plant

    Troll Hemp Oil
    2 Troll Ganja Seeds

    Vixen Hemp Oil
    2 Vixen Ganja Seeds

    Nuclear Hemp Oil
    2 Nuclear Ganja Seeds

    Lemmy Hemp Oil
    2 Lemmy Ganja Seeds

    Pop Hemp Oil
    2 Pop Ganja Seeds

    Zombie Hemp Oil
    2 Zombie Ganja Seeds

    Crypto Hemp Oil
    2 Crypto Ganja Seeds

    Troll Hemp Cloth
    6 Troll Ganja Plant
    1 Troll Hemp Oil

    Vixen Hemp Cloth
    1 Vixen Hemp Oil
    1 Vixen Ganja Plant
    1 Troll Ganja Plant

    Nuclear Hemp Cloth
    2 Nuclear Ganja Plant
    1 Nuclear Hemp Oil
    1 Vixen Ganja Plant

    Lemmy Hemp Cloth
    1 Lemmy Hemp Oil
    2 Lemmy Ganja Plant
    2 Nuclear Ganja Plant

    Pop Hemp Cloth
    1 Pop Hemp Oil
    3 Pop Ganja Plant
    2 Lemmy Ganja Plant

    Zombie Hemp Cloth
    1 Zombie Hemp Oil
    6 Zombie Ganja Plant
    3 Pop Ganja Plant

    Crypto Hemp Cloth
    1 Crypto Hemp Oil
    10 Crypto Ganja Plant

    Cheetah Cloth
    3 Cheetah Hide

    Couger Cloth
    3 Couger Hide

    Panther Cloth
    3 Panther Hide

    Tiger Cloth
    3 Tiger Hide

    Leopard Cloth
    3 Leopard Hide

    Coral Snake Skin Cloth
    3 Coral Snake Skin Raw

    Green Snake Skin Cloth
    3 Green Snake Skin Raw

    Zombie Bone
    1 Zombie Rotting Flesh
    300 ROCKtropia Record

    Purple Snake Skin Cloth
    3 Purple Snake Skin Raw

    Brown Snake Skin Cloth
    3 Brown Snake Skin Raw

    Black Snake Skin Cloth
    3 Black Snake Skin Raw

    Elvis Dragon Leather
    3 Elvis Hide

    Garcia Dragon Leather
    3 Garcia Hide

    Hendrix Dragon Leather
    3 Hendrix Hide

    Joplin Dragon Leather
    3 Joplin Hide

    Lemmy Dragon Leather
    3 Lemmy Hide

    Morrison Dragon Leather
    3 Morrison Hide

    NEVERDIE Dragon Leather
    1 Elvis Hide
    1 Lemmy Hide
    1 Hendrix Hide

    Pop Dragon Leather
    3 Pop Hide

    Rudolf Dragon Leather
    3 Rudolf Hide
  2. Azra Azazel Astarte

    Azra Azazel Astarte New Member

    1 [Cold THING Blood] refines to 1 [Warm THING Blood]

    no idea what you could do with either of them tho

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