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Welcome to ROCKtropia ( ROCKtropia Mobile Phone )

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by Denbrey, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    Hey, welcome to ROCK!

    Mission: Welcome to ROCKtropia
    This is the planet orientation and interaction chain of missions for ROCKtropia. You interact with Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) and learn about your Action Library where you can control your avatar to move around, emote, dance, equip and use tools, and more.

    The [ROCKtropia Mobile Phone] is required to start a lot of the missions on Rock.

    This mission chain is all within about 200m of the Noobs Noobs Noobs. Should you find yourself in the middle of the Arctic fending off mutant extra-terrestrials, you have probably clicked something unrelated to this mission chain - a cryptic clue for the adventurous out there.

    Getting the [ROCKtropia Mobile Phone] is in two parts.

    Part One. Go Nightclubbing.

    Mission: Locked Location: NOOBS NOOBS NOOBS
    Interact with npc Big Boy (Noobs Bouncer) and various npc's.

    Mission: To The Noob Club!
    Help Big Boy take care of the drunk dude in the corner, Tipsy Tony.
    Lying Larry making prank calls inside Neverdie Savings & Loan next door.

    Mission: Noobs Debt - Gus
    Get a Gold Coin for Big Boy from Gus at Gas & Go station. Get a Glam Ingot for Big Boy from Gus at Gas & Go station.

    After this Big Boy says something to the effect of speak with Trey, or chat with people on the streets. Start the next mission with Big Boy to get a ROCKtropia Record.

    Mission: Record Time
    Trey is sitting down listening to a ghettoblaster underneath a large Screen on the bridge construction, to the East of Noobs Noobs Noobs tp. Get the Record Time! mission from Trey.

    Boris the Bum is Northwest of Trey standing on the eastside of the brick building on the docks. Speak with Boris the Bum. He wants some smokes from a nearby Dumpster. Get those and give them to him. He should give you a ROCKtropia Record.

    Big Boy will now let you to Noobs Noobs Noobs where you can speak to Cindy and others.

    Part Two. Influencer's prerogative. Getting a free phone.

    Mission: Cindy's Cellphone Adventure
    Cindy and Charlene are the influencer co-ordinators for Noobs Noobs Noobs and they has schmoozing down to a fine art. They may be working but they're also having fun. Persuade them you are the influencer Noobs Noobs Noobs needs to adorn with freebies over a wee dram.

    Mission: Tiffanys Terrificle Cocktails
    Tiffany is on the dancefloor in Noobs Noobs Noobs getting down to the latest sounds of the New Harlem Coast mixed by DJ HOF. She puts one in for you behind the bar. After speaking with her check the miscellaneous compartment of your Planet Storage. Planet Storage is an npc near the crafting machine.

    Complete Cindy's Cellphone Adventure by handing Cindy the Cocktail. She’ll make sure you get the latest Company model ND branded merch to blow social media's mind with.

    Now you have the [ROCKtropia Mobile Phone]. See this thread for info about how the phone works and which missions are activated 'Thread Link TBC'
    Spoiler Alert - Mobile Mikes immoral kiosks
    Mobile Mikes - More stuff you need to know about your phone and police radio
    While thread under construction:
    Phone required to start misisons. Either by speaking with certain npc's or triggering 'texts' at certain locations.

    Company internal memo 345 ND branded models functionality.
    It is imperative to have the influencers keep phones switched on at all times. When phones are handed out to the selected citizens, explain that switching off our phone might cause a scriber block reset on their account. This should be motivation enough.
    -- end memo 345

    Speak to the other npc's in Noobs, you will need to get telephone numbers so that missions can trigger while travelling around ROCKtropia.
    Mobile Mikes - More stuff you need to know about your phone and police radio

    Do NOT turn your phone off to close mission dialogues. At least not at first, it is easier to run a marathon through treacle than it is to fix your phone at this stage of the game. Trust everyone on this ok.

    You can 'Ignore' or 'End' the mission to close the dialogue. You will be able to trigger it again later, without a time penalty. There are missions later in the chain that require the phone to be turned off, which is why that option is available.

    The phone does have limited capacity though, and you may not be able to start some other missions while you have some phone missions active.

    They need to be completed, so don’t go around accepting every mission you get until you've done the one you are on.

    Having said that, the company has been failing to make regular updates and a number of ROCKtropia citizens are finding themselves increasingly frustrated with the lack of customer commitment they have been providing.

    Others have long given up, yet can be seen listening to the latest downloads around the streets of New Harlem.

    If something’s not quite right, please remember the mission may have changed in a subsequent vu/update. Post a comment or ask any available pet shop owners about it ingame.

    /join #rocktropia

    Rocktropia channel is noob friendly but most are busy rocking out and may make comments that are suited to a mature audience.

    Sep 2, 2019 re-written.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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  2. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

    wll, i have the phone since 2016 and NEVER receive a call from nothing.... i have some coords where phone must start to call me, but never do... and i repair the phone in Mike's 3 or more times... how can i receive callings and do missions? someone can help me?
  3. Sonnenschein

    Sonnenschein Moderator Forum Staff

    you only can use the trigger points if you done the quests in front of club neverdie from the police .
    if you earned your [ROCKtropia Police Badge] you get quests at some coords
  4. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

  5. Sonnenschein

    Sonnenschein Moderator Forum Staff

    you try to follow a 9 year old post in wich has rocktropia another coord system and dont know if this quest still is in game ?
  6. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

    i follow what i have... Franki called me near noobs, noobs, noobs 2 years ago, when i take the mobile, but i confused and hang out... never more mobile phone works and i like to know if its posible yet...
  7. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    Thread post Re-Written to include clearer mission outline and separation of missions to get phone, and a new thread to discuss Phone usage.
  8. Dix T

    Dix T Active Member

    The last I heard, Frankie's missions were not working anymore UNLESS you got them many years ago, when Frankie was actually located near the lofts SE of the city of dreams/ cnd lagoon area near where the electro vixens are. Back then, You actually got a "Frankie's Number" in your inventory. I was actually able to get Frankie's Harlem Hustlers mission a couple times in the last year, but I don't think it works if you don't have Frankie's number.
  9. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    This thread now concentrates on getting the phone. I am setting up another thread that will be more towards how the missions are activated. With input from the community we should be able to get a coherent picture of the current status of the missions available. And what needs to be done to activate them.

    As it stands the phone is required to speak to certain npc's that then leads to recieving mission rewards such as numbers and radios to enable triggering missons at certain locations.

    These items themselves and active missions also interact to add an extra dynamic to the picture. Input from citizens of ROCKtropia will be invaluable in the task of comprehensively identifying such configurations.

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