Vixen Mission For Killpoints


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I just finished The Color Of Envy I and while I enjoyed the returns, I can't foresee myself putting up with the antics on the parking lot for another, even longer round. The tying with the AI mission which sets people up to compete invariably brings out the worst and spoils everybody else's experience. Seperate suggestions for AI to mitigate this already exist.

I would find it highly desirable if the Vixen mission would change to being killpoint-based and include all maturities and variants*, so that the choice exists and is encouraged to move elsewhere. On top of personal preference it would also take out pressure from the parking lot if those who are solely interested in Vixens could avoid it and still work fo their mission rewards.

* including Divine ;)
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Oct 2, 2017
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The shy vixens will alway draw lots of hunters. There were requests made to add a mission just for shy vixens. I agree that it isnt worth doing just for the mission, but there are plenty of gear grinders that like having it.
I would like to have an additional points based vixen mission to encourage hunting of the higher vixens, I think this may happen in the future.


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Of course it makes sense to give something to those who kill the shy vixens for spawning AI. Was just wondering if there was a good reason not to combine the two. Too many missions can make things chaotic. My suggestion would be 100 hp = 1 killpoint, always rounded by floor function plus 1. This means 1-99 hp =1 kp, 100-199 hp = 2 kp etc. so it doesn't change how the kills in the parking lot count since there are different hp mobs there.

Then on second thought, maybe there shouldn't be missions on every single mob. It serves to crash markup on whatever's in them. If specific loot is not the main reason to go after them, the market gets flooded and selling loot becomes ever more difficult until finally it's unattractive. I don't know what's right or wrong, so many times we want something or find it logical but don't oversee the consequences.

The AI is a separate discussion and much has already been said elsewhere incl. wishing for individual instances. I find it quite unpleasant as it is myself, but after the experience I'm inclined to think maybe it's okay. Firstly, I reckon the reward of outright payment is actually a gift to the community (calling it a "job" is silly because it serves no purpose for the "employer") which costs real money, hence the amount distributed has to be kept in check (much as for a job you can't employ everybody who chooses to apply). This is achieved by capping the spawn and having players compete for them. If the competition factor was removed, it would have to be structured in a way that the money has to be earned along, meaning the number of vixens to kill for every AI would probably have to increase, maybe even by a lot. Which then would remove the advantage to the player because they have to llterally pay themselves now, and also lead to markups crashing because more and more of the vixen stuffs is produced. Secondly, the status quo appeals to players who thrive on more competitive playstyles and serves as a honeypot to keep them busy while you go about a quaint game elsewhere. We all get to know our special names after spending a little time in their vicinity.