Update Billboards and Landmarks


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Dec 11, 2018
Narfi's Beach
Some of the billboards are outdated (for example the entropiatransport.com one)
It would be fun to see a new batch of ingame inspired as well as Neverdie Studios and music inspired billboards. (need to keep the Skeezer for prez one though, its a classic)

Finish getting all the ROTM stars in place (such as mine :) ) from the early days.

Perhaps a combination of static and dynamic billboards as well as some key location ones for player made ones like the calypso system. (big billboards at gathering places that use the player purchased system like calypso does)

Rocktropia was the 'new planet' but now has been around long enough for a rich history of players and events and culture. It would be fun to have those become a part of the landscape in new and interesting and quirky ways. If a player or activity is memorable have a marker of some sort placed in that area that when interacted with gives a brief history of what happened and who was involved.

Perhaps have the players or goverment come up with a list of 10 or 20 such stories and locations with a unique icon for each (could easily be existing models) Then you could have a beginner quest to find and visit all the sites and read the history of the game. Then each year add another 10 from that years history.