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Discussion in 'IDEA PARK' started by theunicate, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    I come up with idea for universe .
    We could have sun in center of galaxy cause most planet systems have their star (sun) they orbit around.
    More details is shown on picture.

    Sun as center of galaxy would spice up things :)
    Especially if sun core is playable area with requirement for special gear like:
    -Special vehicle that can enter sun layer and enter suns core .
    -Gear specialised for suns core area , weapons , armors, attachments.

    I hope this idea comes to positive response of community .

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  2. Soulman

    Soulman Member

    wow when u come up with something u must think hard rofl
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  3. Supetmats

    Supetmats New Member

    I love the idea of something in the middle of the universe!

    To spin further: What about a black hole instead of a sun? That could open up for alot of features like you mention, but also anomalies and events? (Maybe also why the planets are still - but thats another aspect)

    Another candidate for the center is a wormhole. That would perhaps open up space travel and other interestin places even better than a black hole.

    Hope you forgive me for not trying to draw these inputs!
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  4. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Creative for sure :D
  5. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    Yeh could be like a black hole that takes you to a secret super mario level even!
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  6. Supetmats

    Supetmats New Member

    You mean warping to someplace else in the same universe like in Supermario, or actually warping to a universe dedicated to this theme, like in the movie "Ready Player One"?
  7. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    Well something EU related but completely different and fun. Some different from the rest of the game to draw people into space and go there.

    Dumb idea but picture it some like mario but EU. Huge blocky side scrolling, shooting and using ammo and collecting loot by running thru it like mario coins! Lol. Not saying that shud be done but was a completly out of the box idea :)

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