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Discussion in 'Rocktropia Special' started by theunicate, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    This is how an TRC Collective look like.

    There is several spots on RT with TRC Collectives are .
    You will need TRC guest pass to enter it (single entrance per pass).
    Someone was inside and they say you need Medicinal Ganja 100 pieces. in order to get Rockbucks.

    So how to get medicinal ganja ?
    1st step is to collect different types of bushweeds

    Here is example of troll bushweed :


    Minimum to collect for 1st starting bp is 150 troll bushweeds / click .
    To obtain Troll plant seed BP you need to visit place called VACATION HOME.
    And there exchange rotten bananas for troll seed bp and shovel bp .
    After shovels and troll ganja plant seeds are crafted ... you need to visit VACATION HOME again to yield a plant (random amount).
    How seed look like:
    How plant look like :

    Plants are converted into Medicinal ganja (3 to 1) .

    How medicinal looks like :
    So it means you need 300 plants for 100 medicinal ganja to turn in to collective for ROCKBUCKS.

    - HEMP CLOTH ( component used for crafting clothes )
    - HEMP OIL
    How cloth and oil looks like :

    More about how to refine in order to get hemp cloth and oil you can find on this post :

    This thread is made with support of Danka Soul Needue.Thanks!

    More to be added ....
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  2. lukasArg

    lukasArg New Member

    Awesome, thanks
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  3. Soulman

    Soulman Member

    the way u r presenting this is truly proffessional..will learn one day how rofl to do it..ty TheUnicate...
    take a Bow
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  4. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    bump up :D
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  5. WilliamAlan

    WilliamAlan New Member

    The hemp oil bottle looked like a pro.
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  6. Soulman

    Soulman Member

    all discovered ganja and hemp products r now in display at The Jolly Hoffer Tangerine enjoy the bongy garden outside as well
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  7. WilliamAlan

    WilliamAlan New Member

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