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The Rocktropia Armor Shop - now open in Tangerine!

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Legends, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Legends

    Legends New Member

    Hello and thanks for your interest in the Rocktropia Armor Shop!

    My focus for this shop will be to serve as a source of armor protection solutions for both male and female hunters.

    Here is the Inventory for the Armor Shop as of the 29th of October 2017 (items in yellow are new or revised):

    Out Front:
    Hacked K-1 pet - level 1

    Entrance Hall:
    H-DNA - stacks of 10 and 20
    Flimsy Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (M,L)
    Flimsy Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (F,L)

    Main Room:
    Jaguar armor (M,L) - complete set
    Jaguar armor (F,L) - 3 parts only
    Tiger armor (M,L) - complete set
    Tiger armor (F,L) - 2 parts only
    Shadow armor (M,L) - 2 parts only
    Armor plate Mark.2A (x7)
    Armor plate Mark.3B (x7)
    Pulsar plate 5 (set of 7) - Impact
    Pulsar plate 6 (set of 7) - Penetration
    Pulsar plate 9 (set of 7) - Burn/Pen
    Pulsar plate 10 (set of 7) - Impact/Cut/Stab
    Armor Durability Enhancer I, II and III - stacks of 5
    Armor Defense Enhancer I, II and III - stacks of 5

    Aurora armor (M,L) - complete set
    Aurora armor (F,L) - complete set

    Zombie armor (M,L) - complete set
    Zombie armor (F,L) - complete set

    Firewall armor (M,L) - complete set
    Firewall armor (F,L) - missing thighs

    Thunderbird armor (M,L) - complete set
    Thunderbird armor (F,L) - complete set

    Gremlin armor (M) - complete set

    Mark.4C plate (set of 7) - Electric
    Mark.5E plate (set of 7) - Electric
    Mark.6B plate (set of 7) - Electric

    Stealth armor (M,L) - complete set
    Stealth armor (F,L) - complete set
    Spam armor (M,L) - 3 parts only

    Gremlin armor (F) - 3 parts only

    Pulsar plate 3 (x5) - Cold
    Mark.2E plate (x7) - Acid

    The Rocktropia Armor Shop is at the South End Shop, which is, as the name implies, at the south end of Tangerine :)

    Thanks for visiting my Shop, best of luck to all!

    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
  2. Legends

    Legends New Member

    Inventory list updated 29 October, items highlighted yellow are new or changed since the last update.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  3. Legends

    Legends New Member

    Please be advised that there could be reduced stock at the Rocktropia Armor Shop throughout the duration of the Merry Mayhem event as I focus most of my time and resources on my Merry Mayhem Armor Shop @ Livas Heights #10 on Calypso.

    Thanks for understanding,


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