The Road to War cave?


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Jul 7, 2019
Wales, UK
I have a disciple starting on ROCKtropia. They said that they picked up the mission The Road to War from Lt. Funk.

The first step is to ‘Get to the CND Patio Cave Exit’ and getting to the waypoint is doable. The second step is to ‘Get to the other side of the cave’, but there is no cave exit/entrance they can see at CND Patio at the wp. Instead, they had to go around/fly over to get to the other side for the next wp.
(There’s also no cave entrance/exit here either but you can get the wp).

It is possible to work around this and continue the mission, but for one of the starter missions in ROCKtropia, the fact that it doesn’t work as said doesn’t help with creating a good first impression.