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Mining Problem with mining

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Mining' started by bigdaddy, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    I have reported to Doc about these as there no mining minster.

    1. SOOTO only found in certian domes in hell. They should be planetside too. There are rings that give better chance of finding Something Out Of The Originary, but on planetside it says NO SOOTO CAN BE FOUND ON THIS PLANET. As some SOOTO are need for couple mining tool bp, crafters are struggling to get mats and then tools are to expencive to buy, compared to other tools.
    2. Need more uses for RT mining mats. Pini and black russin has little use, this can be pain when mining for other mats espiecally whiskey. Same goes for grunge, punk,glam and kami.
    3. So many univeral mats has no use in RT bps.
    4. Blues and jazz not in hell. folk is onli one dome i know of.
    5. Blues, jazz and folk are capped in size. this can pain if need large amounts. Folk is needed for Lockpicks 1 the most common and easiest key to make. The problem is that these are often mixed in with Alt. So alt miner would not be happy to get to much. Maybe remove it from known area and make new area with it uncapped. There are still areas on RT that just have lyst.
    6. Depth is not important for RT mats, We have great finder in milf, but its super depth is wasted on RT resources
    7. PVP is awful for couple years now. Mainly lyst, bit hard and oil
    8. PVP again make one RT enmatter and one RT ore that can only be there. This would make PVP more intresting
    9. Growth monucules we have one land that need them. remove them from hell, they can be found planet side.
    10. I been mapping out Outer circle of hell. Far to much oil and lyst there. No one wants to mine in Hell for lyst and oil.
    11. Mining Missions. i am close to reach stage 6 on all 5 missions. Need at least Alt one.
    12. Need more finder to fill skill level between finderd, high level finders are being asked for alot as more miners are reaching 80+
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  2. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    SOOTO has been fixed planetside, bus token found. I still have to investgate more.

    Mining Missions we have Grunge, Mai Tai, Mojito, Nivina and Tecno now. The problem is only 1 stage 60k points thats over 60k ped worth of rescouce. Most of these resources and even that much needed. The avarge miner will take couple or even few years to complete mission. Please put in stages like other missions.

    Will keep a eye out for other changes.

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