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Important Private Dungeons VU 16.1 Problems and Solutions

Discussion in 'Dungeons' started by theunicate, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Hi ,
    We are all thrilled about new VU .
    A lot of good changes come but as well there are some issues private dungeon owners step upon.

    Problems that concerns all private dungeon owners are next :
    1. Entrance fee for new repeatable mission 20 ped .
    2. Repeatable fee on multiple entry`s even if mission is not done from one key .
    Solutions :
    1. Make mission optional from inside terminal
    2. Reduce entrance fee to right value of token 1 ped tt max esi on skill for 1000% skills , it make reduce equals 10 ped fee.
    3. Make mission done daily , if mission is not done in activated day ,on mission reset time , non completed mission is gone and new one is started.
    4. Increase skill rewards for SKL Token to 2 ped for basic skills.
    5. To be added ...
    Important fixes required :
    1. People need to be informed about fee that will be reduced and why it happens before entering dungeon.
    2. To be added ...
    Make sure you read this and leave your opinion and more possible suggestions to find the right solution.

    Pool for private dungeons fee :

  2. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    My dungeon mission ,i still dont know if its activated ... also i think fee for entrance should be symbolic like 5 ped ... because repeatable missions exist on other planets without fee , and it make it less justified for someone to do it .
  3. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    Ok this is not good , Myself an others feel scammed as we had no notice . I think this should be made optional . Instances are a fav thing for a lot of roctropians. I am making my voice heard here for 10 people atm. fee should be based on actual value of the token. its has cost me 80 ped as i couldnt finish the mission in one run due to Real life. if mission is active no additional fee should be imposed. Also price should be reduced. I was saving to buy an instance. I doubt I will now . I am having serious doubts about this.
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  4. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    I agree we can go to ark an run em all day long with no entrance fee and 3 to 5 missions inside .
  5. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    OH an to add to that you get coins in Ark you can save up for LA auctions and estates. without an additional fee
  6. RavenJade

    RavenJade Vampire Princess

    This fee is sneaky. I ran my instance several times yesterday and didn't notice that the fee was coming off my card.
    They keys are expensive enough as it is for people to purchase them. I do not agree with the added fee.

    There are plenty of missions done throughout the universe that you can do for skill bonus reward for free. This is starting a bad trend of nickle and diming people. This 20 ped fee will seriously hurt the players that own the dungeons, and the players that play the dungeons. There needs to be a better solution for this.

    I was very excited yesterday when I saw this added to the dungeons. I thought what a great way to entice people to want to buy keys. As it stands now it will turn them off of buying the keys.
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  7. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    I agree. this isnt right for a single coin an what about if you dont finish in one run. one i did was 1600 kills. I entered 3 times to finish due to real life. not good at all sneaky an scammy
  8. RavenJade

    RavenJade Vampire Princess

    I just did a booty 1 raid and 10 ped was taken off my card with no warning. There is no extra mission broker in there either. So what is the reason for this extra fee taken off my ped card when I already purchased a lock pick to get into the instance?

    Instances on Rock are some of the most fun instances in all of the game. There is no way this will make anyone happy if a fee continues to be taken off of our cards when we enter an instance that we already paid for through a key.
  9. King Scott

    King Scott New Member

    I am newish to Rocktropia, But I have been apart of Entropia Universe for quite some time. I have spent a lot of money in this game, ( and intend on spending much more). I have been recently very interested in the private dungeons that you can personally purchase on the pop shop. Which lead me to stay on Rocktropia to pursue the dream of one day having my own dungeon.
    HOWEVER, This was before the new "entrance fees" that I have just been informed of that was applied on these private dungeons at the start of the new VU update. I can tell you now, personally I will be losing interest very quickly in purchasing a dungeon if this continues. Trust me when I say that I will not be the only one. Many people new and old veterans alike will be disgusted with a fee entrance to a dungeon that they have to spend money on to even enter anyways, (buying keys, materials to make keys, etc.).
    I personally believe that a fee of 20 ped to enter is highly outrageous and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Of coarse, like many others, if this continues I will gladly take my business elsewhere.
  10. RavenJade

    RavenJade Vampire Princess

    Just tested entering the proxy instance using the green hack code key that's already 100 ped tt before MU and got charged a 30 ped entry fee without warning.

    Until these fees have been addressed and removed I think I'm done doing instances on Rock.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
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  11. Soulman

    Soulman Member

    well good to hear everyone voicing opinion...
    I personally thought i was being hacked at thru my ped card rofl until i investigated it further with 2 instances being done to verify
    Important point has been made here..no where in update notes was any mention of ped withdrawal and without authority amounts to theft but by whom...MA..Planet Partner....be very careful the next move made here...as liabilities are and should be held accountable...we all logon accepting privacy etc to join game..so should i assume that its our right to allow the request to have the ped withdrawn before it happens.........
  12. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    Totally agree. notice must be given. this was not in the VU notes. No one can go into our real world banks an take money without notification(unless of course we are hacked). since this game runs on real world currency these rules should also apply here.
  13. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    Wow, we can all agree hidden fees on these instances is outrageous! Now maybe if there is a warning, I could see some ( smaller) fee for running private instance missions with rewards. But there's no way that I can rationalize a new fee on an existing lockpick instance.
  14. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    I agree.. this is total werewolf poop! Just finally fixed the shop and in the same breath kill the dungeons. I think MA needs MOAR tunnel vision cuz multitasking just isn't working.
  15. Wyndi9

    Wyndi9 New Member

    I was saving up my bananas to get my own instance one day, but after finding out today that there was a 20 ped entrance fee to enter them, it has completely put me off. This needs to be changed back to free entry, if it continues then sorry I will not particpate in instances anymore and will stop collecting and buying bananas. This will kill off Rock and all the residents that live here, you will drive everyone out and make residents leave this planet for another planet in the long run.
  16. Deatz

    Deatz New Member

    Being still relatively new to RT but working on obtaining an instance with others, this is very concerning. The reasoning on the Twitter page is less than humorous. Been in game going on 11 years and I must say this is the most shiesty thing I have ever seen. The mu on a key, then repair, then the ammo and repair of armor and weapon used does not make financial sense, so at this time I will not be running anymore instances. Sorry instance owners as the instances are a blast but not with an added fee added to them. I hope this is resolved soon and we can get back to watching RT grow together.
  17. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    Ok for the player owned instances this is BS to not even be told this fee was being added. It should be a choice in the basement at the NPC if a play wants to do the mission. Not at my instance door.... Really you can just take it out of the basement for all I care. So far what I see is no one wants it.

    As far as lockpicks and hellkeys they are already hard to sell and make anything on as it is. As for now I'm done making them.

    The doors to the shop are closed until this can all be resolved.

    Has got to be a better way!!!!!

    Sorry for this.
    Queenb/Spare Tire Marina.
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  18. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    Cant agree with you more. This is not good and playing with other peoples money an than posting on FB as if its funny when its far from funny to lose ped when your unaware. I feel for you and all of the instance owners
  19. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Ok now we have everione opinion more less .
    We got the word from prime minister .
    So everithing will be adjusted to the event , we will find out more later in prime minister post.
    Kind regards.
  20. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    What a crock of shit...is all i can say at this time.

    Edit: Wait, i do have something else to say - whoever it was that came up with this concept is an idiot

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