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Open Letter to MindArk

Discussion in 'General public discussion for gov. forum' started by DocGray, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. DocGray

    DocGray Administrator Forum Staff

    1-19-2018 -- Today MA and ND had a nice conversation and are planning a meeting in the near future. Now that they are talking I will reenter the game and do events. Thanks for all the comments both for and against. Hope to see you all at the events.

    Dear MindArk,

    For over a year now when you walk into or walk around in any shop on Rocktropia you fall through the floor.

    Since Loot 2.0, the AI mission has been broken and almost half of all Rocktropia specific loot no longer drops, including an entire mineral source.

    You have refused 3 of 4 updates and even when you pushed through the last update you have refused to turn on any of our blueprints we designed to mitigate the lack of loot drops.

    This last update was designed by the freely elected government of Rocktropia of which I am the Governor. We have been working on the the next update which was purely a bug fix update but now things will need to change.

    Rocktropia is now run by the planetary government, with all new content coming from the players not Neverdie Studio. We tell them what we want and they implement it.

    There appears to be a lot of bad blood between Mind Ark and Neverdie Studios and that needs to end. You won and Neverdie Studios walked away. We the players now control the future of Rocktropia.

    You still seem to think you are dealing with Neverdie, well you are not. From now on you are dealing with us, the players. So when you messed up the latest VU update, you slapped all of us players in the face.

    We do not take money out of the game, we put money in the game and allow you to withdraw. Since I am the Governor, I will lead by example. Until you fix everything you broke over the last year, I personally will remove my contribution from the game.

    I will no longer deposit and I will no longer cause any revenue or decay. Now, I am just a nobody player and I doubt you are even aware of me.

    So I am sure you will not miss this:

    Deposit -- $400 - $600 per month

    Decay -- roughly 15 - 20 hours a week 200 - 300 ped per hour (taming troxes is all about decay)

    -- just using the low end that’s $1,200 per month in decay alone

    Other revenue -- I closed my shop, stable, and will no longer do any events (3 a week)

    And since you’re screwing with our updates, I have asked Neverdie Studio to stop all development on Rocktropia and they have agreed. There will be no development on Rocktropia until you recognize the Government of Rocktropia.

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    Programmer Doc Gray
    Governor of Rocktropia

    History for support case 351070:
    2017-12-26 22:47 You wrote:

    2017-12-27 08:53 Entropia Universe Support:
    Hi Doc,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please rest assured that this will be forwarded to the ones responsible.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    Case closed

    January 1, 2018:
    Since this post some interesting things have happened at MindArk.
    MindArk has a new CEO!
    Hopefully Henrik Nel Jerkrot, who is reported to be a gamer and wants to open communication channels with the players, will try to address our issues here on Rock.

    It looks to be an interesting year and I am hopeful that we can all get back into the game we all love.

    1-10-2018 -- 8 of 14 new BP's are now dropping but still no word from MA.
    1-11-2018 -- 12 of 14 new BP's are now dropping but still no word from MA
    1-19-2018 -- 13 of 14 new BP's are now dropping

    1-19-2018 -- Today MA and ND had a nice conversation and are planning a meeting in the near future. Now that they are talking I will reenter the game and do events. Thanks for all the comments both for and against. Hope to see you all at the events.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  2. Skai Boa

    Skai Boa New Member

    I like the first paragraphs. But at the end i guess its not a good choice to threaten MA. RT is on the road now to become a second NI. And MA have shown that they doesnt care about it.
    Maybe if MA would loose like $10k+ per month they would do anything but not for a handful of dollars.

    Please figure out how you all in the government can work mith MA without a Trumpstyle.

    To bring down the event it could costs the newbies they dont care about what all the RT-crafter are loosing at the moment and you got some player less on the planet.

    And it would be very interesting to know what exactly are the problem between Neverdie and MA. All I heard is a bunch of rumors but no one can confirm anything.

    A year ago RT got more monthly loot than Ark. Two VUs later RT is almost death. What happens MA dont care about the RT-Government threating ? I'm full prepared for the CL and MMOWC. They still happening ? What about the Popshop ? Some people. me including, are running for some instances to crafting trucks etc. What about the wallet ? We are waiting for the next update for more than a half year.

    I know the work isnt easy, but just threntening is not the solution.
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  3. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    So do you have direct contact with MA or is just a support case?

    If this just a support case, has ND tried to phone them?

    How do we know NDS has been doing their part? They have never been the greatest in the past?

    If we like it or not ND is still the owner and still in charge or Secreat island and the thing area. So he still should be contact with MA.
  4. Alukat

    Alukat Member


    i was really looking forward to deposit a little more and expand my crafting even further, when loot 2.0 struck and made crafting most items impossible.
    With the BP reworks and introduction of new BPs, at the beginning of the year, rt was on a good way to grow, both in population and economy, but then loot 2.0 happened and many crafting materials as well as blueprints stopped droping.

    it's been over 6 months and all the missing items are still not droping, even worse, rather than issues getting fixed, more issue make it into the game, like playa del harlem bugged since one of the december VUs.

    There was plenty of time to sort out the issues or least communicate to us about what's going on.
    With that said, untill the issues got fixed i'm shutting down:
    - any auction listings (250-350 PED in auction fees each month for listing my items)
    - any interplantery traveling (35-50 PED in landing fees, fuel, space thruster decay each month)
    - any Planet Calypso Crafting (1000-1500 PED TT of materials used each month, bought on caly auction)
    - any Planet Arkadia Material Purchases (100-400 PED TT of materials used each month, bought on Arkadia auction)
    - any Planet Rocktropia Crafting (6000-9000 PED TT of materials used each month)
    - any hunting activities (300-400 PED TT of Armatrix guns each month, bought on caly auction + 1500-2200 PED ammo spend in 5% taxed area)
    - any mining activities (600-1500 PED TT of Probes & Decay in 2,5% and 5% taxed areas)
    - any depositing (5-20€ a month)

    then let's all help doc to reach those $10k+ per month ;)

    to craft trucks you need vixen android bronze armor plating, those stoped droping with loot 2.0.
    Unless you or someone else has a pre loot 2.0 stock, it will be impossible to craft trucks.

    Dedicated Crafter

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
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  5. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    I have been living on ROCKtropia from the start and i have always said it's like living on roller coaster. When i first started Narfi and Zal was boosting economy, then with Skywalker and Ketch the future was looking bright. Then after a few things happening Ark release, Mothership event, Zombies no longer being able to be sweated etc etc. RT slowly declined down to handful of people and about 3 pages on AH. Then we had Apocalypse that brought Hammer, Doc, Taco etc then we was really going places again. Then Kong events ended, Hammer cashed in and left, Taco took time out and things slowed down a bit. Then we had the Crabs that short lived spike, but this brought the reason why we need the government.

    Now i thought the government was meant to communicate with community and advice Neverdie Studios on what to add into VU. ND would still be around dealing with MA, holding his events on Secret Island and coming up with new marking ideas for the Thing. Unless the Government is recognized by MA and have direct communication with them like the Governor can phone or video chat with representative of MA. They just a bunch of normal players who play the game and have no real power. This is what my confusion is and why has ND completely abandoned ROCKtropia when his still in charge of the popshop, Secret Island, the thing etc, etc.
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  6. Hellbound

    Hellbound New Member

    I am really really confused. Having grown up on Calypso, ROCKtropia's small community had a certain appeal to me. Even knowing there was no economy, I moved all my stuff over to RT and bought 2 apartment deeds which, it turned out, let me vote for the government. Ever since, I find myself spending less and less time in-game. Coincidence? who knows... So now, do I go back to Calypso, or stick around and hope things improve? There will always be players complaining about the game, I get that, but there are serious problems on Rt that need to be addressed. I have no answers or suggestions since these are problems at a much higher level than i am willing or able to understand. Soooo... i guess i'll play it by ear for a while and see where things go.
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  7. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    wait, you want them to do more by asking NDS to do less? hmm...

    Good initiative, but not sure that'll fix the problem.

    (think Neverdie's gone off on a new tangent with the whole Cryptocrap... and doesn't have time to bother any more here?... Perhaps you've pushed him more in to that routine and it's where he wants to be hidden, obscured in the mean time while the spotlight shines on Mindark as their 'deep token' project is about to begin?)

    I came back to RT for nice xmas gifts and found that Santa forgot the Rock... even though he brought nice trees to Caly, Trains to go with those trees to Ark, and a few other little goodies on other planets...

    so now off to another planet for a good many months to give them the decay Revenue that should be going here... Happy globals on Cyrene folks. The Jellyworms are still here a few more days. http://cyreneforum.com/threads/holiday-jellyworm-event-spawn-winter-2017-2018.7762/

    (hopefully when this whole mess is resolved I'll have a wolpertinger to put in The U zoo on RT. ;) )

    In the mean time if you want, I suppose you could set aside the dollars you'd normally be investing in RT in to something else... I hear Arkadia's got a new moon for sale on the webshop if you don't want to give Mindark your money for Deep (throat) er Token.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  8. Nakor of Boreft

    Nakor of Boreft New Member

    I agree with DocGray. It has taken too long to resolve the issues.

    Whether the responsibility to fix these issues is MA's or NDS's, if neither party responds this is a way to attract their attention.
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  9. Legends

    Legends New Member

    I've been trying to figure out how to make a statement as well but I don't want to close down my stalls at the planet landing spot because I think this wouldn't be fair to lower level players that depend on those shops to get weapons and things they need.

    So here's what I'm going to do, I will not deposit any more money into Entropia until MA fixes the loot they broke, all of it.

    I have deposited over $2,000 USD in November and I am a regular depositor but I have had enough of this. I'm with DOC, MA needs to start fixing stuff and stop breaking it.


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  10. Soulman

    Soulman New Member

    well after 3 thoughtful and carefully worded support cases to MA..i believe MA maybe be right..it is squarely placed at their planet partners door..there words not mine....who is the planet partner...Neverdie Studio's or ND or the new government of RT...?????
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  11. Soulman

    Soulman New Member

    and btw...shit i miss the events u do Doc..so as a deed holder of RT..not goin anywhere till we sort it out
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  12. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    2017-12-30 22:40 You wrote:

    Hi there is major issues on ROCKtropia since the introduction of loot 2.0. A lot items has not dropped now for 6 months and this includes Hard rock that dropped from mobs as well as mined. Now it cant be looted or mined at all now. I know this is not PP at fault as the problem happened when you introduced loot 2.0. I think its a disgrace that you have not fixed this, even though its your fault. Many players have a lot money tied up including special instance bp that cant be crafted due to this.
    2018-01-02 10:27 Entropia Universe Support:

    Hi longhairedlover,

    Thank you for your report,

    We will forward all the information to the responsible planet partner, since they might not be able to answer you directly in this case or provide you with more satisfying information about this we would recommend you stay tuned to our news section and feed and keep an eye out for any information about it in future releases.

    Please rest assured that they will receive your report and any aditional information we might receive in similar reports or issues

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Jeff | Entropia Universe Support
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  13. Alukat

    Alukat Member

    So, remix BPs got added... but still so much stuff missing.

    Doc, do you have any news yet?
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  14. Skai Boa

    Skai Boa New Member

    One month has passed. Any news about the missing loots ?
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  15. DocGray

    DocGray Administrator Forum Staff

    Not yet Skai. MA is talking to ND and they seem to be on good terms. As soon as I find out I will pass it along.
  16. Sandal

    Sandal New Member

    Subscribing, highly interested in how this pans out. Best wishes for the talks.

    Just one note, in all sympathy, but you cannot unilaterally declare a change in who MindArk's contract partner is, whether you've been wronged or not, and elected or not. The business world is no democracy and you can run afoul of some legal mumbo-jumbo faster than you can blink. ND can certainly appoint someone to do certain tasks on his behalf and equip that someone with the necessary powers, but it needs to be presented the other way around. How such appointee is selected and involving the community is up to ND, it does not concern MindArk. The letter above is, outlined problems aside, an uninformed challenge to established legal and business procedure and is therefore not likely to receive a direct response. This hurts, but it's the way it is. Let's hope the talks get all of this out of the way and all is happy pancakes again.
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