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Morey's Mining Services (Ore & Enmatter)

Discussion in 'Services' started by morey, May 19, 2019.

  1. morey

    morey New Member

    Hey All,

    I'll be hardcore mining soon. So I'll be offering Mining Services at Rock to help get some MU to ores that are usually just tted, or help you get stuff that you generally have trouble finding. It'll also help me stay around mining longer :). If there are no requests, I'll probably just mine Alt and do what every other miner is doing.

    How it works.
    1. Request: resource, tt amount, mu. (If you know good location + depth that drops them, def pm me)
    2. I'll put that resource at that amount on AH for SB/BO at our agreed upon MU. (I'll absorb ah fees)
    3. Generates sales history for resources and thus more ppl would mine them too.

    For Requests, msg me ingame: Aurisk Morey Kenbi, or on Discord: morey (MoreyKenbi)#6133, or reply to this thread/pm me

    - Mine at avg depth from 200-1000m (TM3 tier 8 + other finders).
    - Adj Exca
    - Aiming to cycle ~3k ped a day.
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  2. Roman Shumberg

    Roman Shumberg New Member

    Welcome :)
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  3. GunvaldofMonria

    GunvaldofMonria New Member

    Thats great!

    Welcome to RT!

    Nice to have professional miner around!

  4. morey

    morey New Member

    Haha thank you. I'm currently droppiong by once a week. Love the alt, but slow as heck to excavate. No orders mining order yet!
  5. morey

    morey New Member

    Still around if anyone wants. Been avoiding alot of the enmatter due to no demand. Anyone feel like crafting something new if I constantly provided supplies?
  6. morey

    morey New Member

    Bump! Been avoiding Enmatter atm due to no demand. Any crafters got Rock BPs they want to click? I can supply al kinds of Rocktropia Enmatter :).
  7. morey

    morey New Member

    Still here, harassing ALT, anyone for rock enmatters?

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