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Luck Token

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Special' started by frener, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. frener

    frener New Member

    hi all i just received a Luck Token as i entered into rocktropia today in the description it says that to link your EU account to a neverdie wallet. Ive made a wallet but dont now how to link my EU account also how this works. Can anyone explain this please & thankyou
  2. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    Yes this is something I also need to know and could help inform others that might ask
  3. Stirge

    Stirge New Member

    Agreed, would love to know how this links to the ND wallet and NDC system.
  4. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    If you scroll down on the forum home page there is a Crypto Currency section. There are a couple of posts that describe how the ND wallet system works. Hopefully you can find some answers there. There is even an instructional video Doc put together.
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  5. frener

    frener New Member

    ok thank you very much ill go check that out.
  6. lukasArg

    lukasArg New Member

    I still did not find this information, did someone find it?
  7. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    I think the mystery of this crypto whatever stuff for most of us is. What is it and why would we want it? Anyone have a clue? Any benefit inside eu?
  8. Sonnenschein

    Sonnenschein Moderator Forum Staff

    rocktropia gets a terminal upgrade to the wallet , in the wallet you can build your avatar to live forever . so this cryptos boost the stats of your wallet avatar . if im right there was something that in future this avatar should jump between games with this stats . in the wallet the value of the token is 0.01$ . so if you want sell it i pay 0.10 ped ingame .

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