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Instance for AI generation

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Panther, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Panther

    Panther New Member

    After a chat in Rocktropia today a few people suggested an instance which generated AI as you went about the killing mission in the instance would be desirable.

    It is becoming increasingly more difficult to complete the daily “The AI War”. This is due to the amount of people that run around mopping up AI that are generated by other players actually spending their PED spent shooting shy vixens in the car park or zombies. When challenged, these freeloading people either outright ignore that their behaviour is antisocial and disrespectful or say that we should allow them because they are ‘noobs’ and we should let them generate PED.

    MA already has a system in place to help F2P people. It’s called sweating and fruit/stone walking. It is not leaching off the back of other players.

    Helping other players is another matter, and some Rocktropians do e.g. pumpkins.

    However, this freeloading mentality that is being fostered by the AI carpark campers is not conducive to building the next generation of Rocktropians that help others as well as just themselves, and also creates a very bad atmosphere.

    The last week in particular, due to AI not spawning for several days in the carpark, has seen several of the carpark campers run around other locations in Rocktropia in the hope of mopping up AI generated by hunters of zombies, for example.

    On another note, creating mob trains is not allowed and is very disrupting when trying to do the zombie chain of missions. I will start taking screenshots and reporting to MA the repeat affenders I see doing this.

    Due to all the above reasons, having an instance for AI generation to help complete the daily ‘The AI War’ or similar solution would be much appreciated.

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