Get Time Travel Agent to take Time Travel Crystals!


Oct 20, 2017
The U - First Floor
A long time ago Next Island required Time Travel Crystals to let folks enter Ancient Greece. After Next Island's development stopped for whatever reasons that happened, Mindark changed it so that you can get to Greece without spending the crystals to get there...

Bananas are curently used by the Travel Agent that handles the Dragon that transports avatars from Rocktropia to Secret Island...

On Secret Island, lootpool is still tied in to Next Island... I've been crafting on Secret Island the last couple of days for the crafting event that's currently going on, and have looted 18 time crystal blueprints in this short amount of time... Please allow the Travel Agent to start taking Time Travel Crystals instead of just Bananas or alternatively create some new blueprint that uses Time Travel Crystals as an ingredient, since I suspect that I'll keep looting these blueprints if I stay here too long (I'm here not just for the crafting event but because I have some Pets that have to be trained up to level 7 here before I can get them to spawn on Rocktropia or other planets... that's a topic for another whole thread...)


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Oct 1, 2017
i asked some time for changes there . but the info always is that neverdie could not change the things there without the nextisland guy . so it looks like this post should be postet on the next isalnd website .

Dix T

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Oct 2, 2017
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Well cnd bananas are used in a RT bp, so why not add the time travel crystals to a new Rt bp?

Yes, Ive done a bit of crafting on SI and Ive looted a handful of Time travel bps