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fix the bar fight instance...

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mastermesh, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    in the past the dead bodies of the trolls didn't show up. Now they do after they are dead, with the little sparklies. You can right click on there and choose loot option but they don't loot since you cannot really loot anything but the cash register at the end... for newer folks that don't realize that it could seem like a bug/glitch, etc. and may increase support tickets since they may thing that each kill is something they should be looting but cannot...
  2. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    don't know if other instances are doing this as well or not, haven't checked.
  3. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    Yes this has been an existing bug in other instances for a while. Also, sometimes when you kill a mob, its image stays in place for maybe 10 seconds or so. The problem with this is that it blocks player attacks on the mob behind it.

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