Entrolympic Events 2020


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Jan 6, 2019
Hello guys, I am very happy that the forum is woking again ūüĎć

As you maybe already know, or not, Forum Neverdie is one of the sponsors of the Entrolympic Events 2020, it has been sponsored by Doc in name of Forum Neverdie.

In the Entrolympic Events 2020, you can Hunt, Mine and participate in the screenshot contests, no matter where you are in the Entropia Universe and dus you can participate in it and stay on your favorite planet (asteroid) Rocktropia.

Hunting and Mining Events are hosted on EntropiaLife and you will need to use the Client Life Tracker to be able to Hunt and Mine anywhere in the game.
Screenshot Contest is hosted on EntropiaPartners Forum, participants must post Screenshot there, winners will receive PED on their EntropiaPartners Accounts.
NEW Events coming soon at the corner of the half of the year.

Prizes Pot for winners is huge, more than 15K PED Worth of PED, items and more.. thanks to sponsors THE Armor Shop, BIG Industries, EntropiaLife, EntropiaPartners, Kronan Interplanetary Space Services, Entropiafund, BenDover Shops, Red Ped, CalypsoMap, Forum Neverdie, People's Front of Entropia Universe, EarnPEDs, Wisdoms Sons, Pemphredo Island, Entropian People Organisation. And probably few more sponsors coming soon.

For more information, you can read the thread on PCF or contact me in game, my avatar name is Jo Johaoninho90 jo.

See you!!!