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Election details from old forum 2017

Discussion in 'Current government info' started by theunicate, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    ROCKtropia Government Outline and Roadmap
    02-10-2017, 05:01 AM

    ROCKtropia Government
    Main Objective of each cabinet Member is to Strengthen local Economy and Community

    Final Name of Position to be determined before election – Please Discuss in this Thread

    #1 President/Governor/Prime Minister –

    Job Description: Preparation of VU Priorities, based on input from Cabinet – Advise Ministers where to focus each VU – Management of Minister Elections and Public polls on important Issues – Development of Player Content initiatives

    Starting Salary
    Month 1 $2,000 Rockbucks
    Month 2 $2,500
    Month 3 $ 3,000
    Month 4 $ 3,500
    Month 5 $ 4,000
    Month 6 $ 5,000 Hold

    #2 Bug Collector/Minister of Bugs

    Job Description: Collection and Verification of Bugs for each VU. Provide details of Bugs and Priority lists as reported via the community.

    Starting Salary for all Cabinet Ministers.
    Month 1 $500 Rockbucks
    Month 2 $750
    Month 3 $ 1000
    Month 4 $ 1,500
    Month5 $ 2,000
    Month 6 $ 2,500 (Hold)

    #3 Minister of Galactic Trade Deficit

    Job Description: Must Provide up to date analysis of Imports vs Domestic Product in use on the planet

    #4 Minister of Industry

    Job Description: Local, tools Weapons manufacturing BP adjustment and analysis

    #5 Minister of Wildlife

    Job Description: Creature Balancing , Spawns and Loot lists evaluation and recommendations

    #6 Urban resource Management:

    Job Description: Public Instance Loot Balancing evaluation and recommendations

    #7 Minister of Culture

    Job Description: Social, Fashion, and Crafting Events Creation – Fashion, Design, decorating etc

    #8 Minister of Sports

    Job Description: Official planetary Hunting, Mining, Event Design & Management – Also Planet event Comparison and monitoring
    Must achieve Planet events competitive with rest of universe.

    #9 Minister of Employment

    Job Description: Mission and Quests program development

    #10 General of Space Defense

    Job Description: Active patrolling and Discouragement of Pirate activity Near Rocktropia Space station and Safe Zone also Forum Spam Defence

    Objective: Safe Warping in and Out of ROCKTROPIA – Noob Pilot Training Program Director

    #11 Minister of Education

    Job Description: Noob Management and Mentorships Programs
    Organized Sweat collection, Scavenging events creation.

    Jurisdiction of the ROCKTROPIA Government Excludes
    – Hunt the Thing Arctic and SI which are both separate Planets that fall under the POPtropia Banner. (Commonwealth)
    VU Submissions
    All VU submission made by the ROCKtropia Government will be vetted by NDS before submission to Mindark. NDS will work with the Government to support their agenda.
    Cabinet Member requirements
    1. Each Cabinet Member Must Stream 5hrs per week. (general activity) on Twitch or other streaming service in order to be accessible to the Citizens for Dialog relating to their position. (With reasonable exceptions) This is Mandatory
    2. Each Cabinet Member will be allocated a section on the governments site and required to Post records of all findings, plans, announcements, and proposed submissions.
    3. Held to the highest standards. NDS reserves right to call for a Cabinet Vote to remove a Cabinet Member that is representing in a Questionable Manner. Said cabinet member will not be able to Vote and NDS will Vote. In the event anyone refuses to VOTE NDS Vote will count for 2.
    Full President and Cabinet Ministers public Elections will take place annually. Anyone wishing to Register to run for a position will be required to be a ROCKtropia Estate Deed owner.
    President Can call for Minister Re-election After 3 Months if dissatisfied with performance. (Cabinet will Vote Majority Decides)
    Ministers Can Call for President Re-Election After 3 Months (Public Decides)
    All Ministers and President Must Vote. (Always uneven number to prevent Deadlock)
    No Vote = Automatic Dismissal
    NDS will Vote in Deadlocked situations
    Public Voters will have to elect new Ministers or President if replacement needed.
    Please Discuss in this thread

    Voting Method utilizing Player Event System (subject to change and Testing)
    Players must Pre-Register to receive tickets
    Multiple Events May be required
    Or Elections can be hosted on PopSocial or NEVERDIE Forum??
    Who Votes?
    Current Citizenship events to Maintain Voting eligibility..
    Important to stay Active on RT to Vote??
    Government Bonuses

    Any Gov member achieveing 1 Year of Service will have an Item named for their avatar.
    Any Gov member achieveing 2 Years of Service will receive a Unique Government Unl Component BP.
    Any Gov member achieving 3 Year of Service Will receive security Clearances to Presidential Instances (currently under construction)
    Any Gov Member that achieves a 4 Years of Service will receive a Large Land Plot
    (Government Service Bonuses may be still earned even if years of Service are interrupted.)

    TO Run for office –
    You must possess a Deed to a RT Estate prior to your election and throughout your time in office.
    You Must Register by February 19th 2017 (subject to change)
    Voting (Events) will be Held on 11th and 12th of March 2017 (Subject to Change)

    ROCKtropia Government Rules and Guidelines will be Subject to amendment prior to first election.

    Please Post Feedback in this Thread. Thank you.


    This post is used as referal to the rules of election , and there is possibility that some info is a bit changed during that period (mostly about titles of ministry).
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  2. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    Did you get paid with that many rockbucks? :D
  3. ImpnAintEasy

    ImpnAintEasy New Member

    And when is the election this year? Also was it skipped for 2018? Is it biannual now or annual?
  4. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    I would like to apply for a position. I own two estates her on RT. It doesn't say in the post where to apply , Thank you . Minister of Education , would be the perfect match for me
    ImpnAintEasy likes this.
  5. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    its not possible to make candidature at this time.
  6. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    What am I missing in order to be eligible to run or is this not being done anymore?
    ImpnAintEasy likes this.
  7. ImpnAintEasy

    ImpnAintEasy New Member

    Good question.
  8. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    voting option is yet not been added to neverdie wallet we await it to happen
  9. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    A lot of these government officials have not been around RT much. Have they been active doing their jobs behind the scenes, or ?
  10. Sveltwolf

    Sveltwolf Member

    I dont think so I looked at the names an positions, I have been on RT 10 months and havent seen or heard from a few of them either in a very long time or haven't ever seen/heard them do anything pertaining to their posts/rank. just the main people who are on daily an on RT pretty much exclusively. The position I asked about I am pretty much doing already that is the reason i asked. like today I spent a good 2 or 3 hours guiding someone an its just about daily now that I do this. I do it to better our planet and to help them understand how things work here, show them the beer gardens , where to sweat and collect oil, do TP runs so they can get kill missions. that is me in a nutshell lol. I love helping though where/when I can. Remember every person that stays on our planet adds to the planets income which is what helps pay for the time for things to be fixed. This is my main goal when I help or bring people here.
    Dix T likes this.

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