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Discussion in 'Ministers threads' started by theunicate, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    I will create a list of all dungeons here .
    This thread will be used for reporting all the problems our community find in dungeons(instances).

    Lockpick I
    - Booty raid invisible wall issue on entrance to the last room / relog helps but its still issue.
    Lockpick II

    Lockpick III

    Werewolf dungeon (lockpick III) - key is same color as the crate he is on / by QueenB

    Lockpick IV

    Lockpick V

    Lockpick VI

    Lockpick VII

    Lockpick VIII

    Lockpick IX

    Lockpick X

    Hell Key I

    Hell Key II

    Hell Key III

    Hell Key IV

    Hell Key V

    Hell Key VI

    Hell Key VII

    Hell Key VIII

    Hell Key IX

    Hell Key X
    Player owned dungeons
    to be added.

    Camp Crunk Cloth Crate

    Vampire tomb -

    Marina Spare Tire -

    Mellisa X dungeon - need RT rollies to start drop again .

    few more to add ...
    Other dungeons issues :
    - the bar fight instance issue of kicking out of game
    - invisible wall in lockpicks and proxy since vu 16.1.
    - lockpick 7 booty raid / werewolf (bugged) - player couldnt reach end .

    I will try to update this thread accordingly to VU that come out , and will be updated on solutions and problems.

    Important : Bellow in thread you can talk about issues , but to report issue to me please PM me on forum or in game , thx.

    Kind Regards,
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  2. narfi

    narfi New Member

    I think the lockpicks can be used for more than one type of instance, right? The werewolf instances, the crib raids, something else maybe as well i forget?
  3. narfi

    narfi New Member

    In the last month or so I have done the Werewolf Mines 1, Crib Raid 1(including successfully taming the vixen in one of the rooms), Hell Key 1, Camp Crunk Crate, and the player owned with Dclass all with no bugs that I could tell.

    I am most curious about the bigger werewolf mines, I remember they were longer than the smaller ones and underwater caves in the dark, were bugged in the old days with a missing key and couldnt be finished. I havent tried one since.(never was sure if it was bugged or if i just couldnt find the key, but others confirmed at the time it was bugged)

    Edit: Sometimes in the crib raid after I loot the safe a high level police I think it is mob spawns and kills me before I get kicked from the instance. Not sure if this is a bug or some special storyline I am not strong enough to compete in. (hits for over 200 through angel+5b)
  4. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    I had a small issue with the last vixen in crib1. It was stuck in the ceiling or something. I had to jump to hit it but i managed. Was last week when this happened. Thought it worth mentioning
  5. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    it says in description of lockpick .... for example lockpick I ,,, this lockpickis used for only lvl 1 dungeons....something like that... so yes it can be several diferent dungeons of same level
  6. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Yes it can happen with objects all across RT to get stuck if you "interact with them" (have contact) , same issue as with shops ... so its advised to run thrue clear area and avoid being near walls .
  7. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    I recall a few years ago, I was fapping a team ( including you) that did a Werewolf Mine VI. We completed it successfully. Since then, all mines were moved from Evil Cathedral LA and made a bit shorter. ( The Werewolf Mine I Solo used to take about 100peds ammo, now its around 60 peds). I know people have completed some of the higher Werewolf Mines recently without a problem).

    Yes in Crib Raid and Booty raid, sometimes those SWAT Cops show up after completing, and sometimes you are just ejected from instance. I have not heard of anyone killing them.
  8. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    This happens now and them in booty and crib raids. If you see a mob start to rise up to the ceiling, shoot it right away! Usually if they go through the ceiling , you can still shoot them eventually with lots of jumping right underneath them.
  9. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    Yeh it only happened my first one. Done it a couple times since and was fine so false alarm i guess ;)
  10. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    I did a couple booty raids yesterday and I got the invisible wall right before entering the last room. I relogged, and it disappeared, but this is getting to be a semi regular occurence. :(
  11. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Thx for feedback Dix
  12. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    From what lock pick did this happen to you? to just say booty raid leaves this open to many different ones.
  13. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    Lockpick 1.
  14. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    When I find a little time I will run the booty raid a few times or just have My pet Dragon do it for me. See if it happens to them. Stuff like this needs to be addressed and tended to a bit better and sooner. And not by the players.
  15. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    Maybe a billboard or something should be put in where people land and tele down that tells what the problems are or points to a page on the forum. Also make it so it can be updated all the time and easy for people new to rock to find. Rock is taking big losses do to people leaving and not coming back. Even some of the older players get turned off by the losses.

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