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Current government info

Discussion in 'Current government info' started by theunicate, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff


     Position                                 Citizen in Position           Citizen Account - Blockchain Account Prefix 0x
     #1 President/Governor/Prime Minister     Programmer Doc Gray           DA793ed7aB9bdb45Cc8e37888b2583E6D3981a46      
     #2 Minister of Bugs                      Fyrs Fyrs Yced                Not Listed in Citizenship Registry            
     #3 Minister of Galactic Trade Defecit                                                                                
     #4 Minister of Industry                  Sunsout Tacotuesday Gunsout    Not Listed in Citizenship Registry            
     #5 Minister of Wildlife                                                                                              
     #6 Urban Resource Management             Shadow Theunicate Soul        d3aFab840D90815C29e72A35aE61bB43548221B9      
     #7 Minister of Culture                   Kara RavenJade SummerWind      Not Listed in Citizenship Registry            
     #8 Minister of Sport                     Caleb cc Caven                4BCe6a732Df82dF3A256b045516797109F875AA8      
     #9 Minister of Employment                Amber Blastie Knightley       fc3a46bF74fE4ABD95e6Bef79B395691878124ac      
     #10 General of Space Defense                                                                                          
     #11 Minister of Education                Thaddeus Rusty Venture        6C5F17aBBcB114Ac77E13cD30c2b26184ED9Ef7e      
     #12 Online Ambassador                                                                                                  
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  2. Nakor of Boreft

    Nakor of Boreft New Member

    I think it would be nice to have links to the places where ministers stream up here.

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