Camp Crunk Cloth Crate


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Sep 26, 2017
Camp Crunk Cloth Crate dungeon is found nearby Camp Crunk TP.
Its part of SHIELD CORP.

Key packs :
10 keys - 560 ped
25 keys - 1350 ped
53 keys - 2850 ped

Shop is located next to the camp crunk tp .
More about it find out on

Collect the crates event

So by doing a dungeon you will get SHIELD CRATES. For 1 round or 1 key you can get from 0-4 SHIELD CRATES.
Cost of 1 key is tt+42 .Beside single key purchase you can buy key packages of 10 , 25 and 53 keys also by some less price per key as economy benefit.
You can claim as much time as you wish the rewards above.
This is not progressive type , so once you claim 100 ped reward for example and you had only 100 SHIELD CRATES it doesnt add up on the reward scale you start again from 0.

Link to page:

King of dungeon
- Kings treasure
is amount of peds that king will claim in the end of claiming period .
- Treasure will raise depending on frequency of dungeon runs.
- Actual treasure will be claimed on 01.12.2019. (dd/mm/yyyy) by the king of dungeon that is on throne that day .
- King of dungeon is person that turn in most SHIELD CRATES for rewards (shield crate event,exchange shop)
till the time of giving "Kings Treasure" reward.
- 28. , 29. , 30. November or 3 days before 1. December all people will be able to turn in SHIELD CRATES only once per day ,
so every one have 1 chance per day to turn in SHIELD CRATES.
- On 30. November turning in crates will last till 18:00 MA time so we don`t enter late in night on that day .


In the exchange shop you can exchange SHIELD CRATES for the items and amount of SHIELD CRATES is calculated into king of dungeon.

More details on link:


Inside of dungeon there is mission terminal at start... mission is to kill 1000 mobs .
Reward for a mission is SKL Token you can exchange for combat skill of your choice (max tt value of skill 1 ped ) . SKL Token you can use in Skill-O-Matic terminal ( blue laptop ) that can be found @CND Lagoon.

Link to page:

Key shop page:
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Sep 26, 2017
GZ to Utility Gamer Droped for turning in 600 SHIELD CRATES today and winning Dante amp (UL).

King of dungeon jackpot 1025 ped . King on throne atm Utility Gamer Droped 970 SHIELD CRATES tottal.