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Oct 20, 2017
The U - First Floor
Here are some spawn locations of tamable creatures:
Bristlehog Pup: Planet Calypso - Near Port Atlantis [60940, 75641]
Combibo Young: Planet Calypso - West of Camp Echidna North Hangar [76313, 89262]
Cornundacauda Young: Planet Calypso - Treasure Island [36234, 53976]; South West of Jason Centre [74235, 79103]
Hogglo Pygmy and Hogglo Pygmy Black: Planet Calypso - Very rare occurrence, near Honuri teleporter in the PvP Zone
Green Leprechaun: Monria - West Crater
Tabtab (L1): Planet Toulan - East of Guardian Village [136031, 93323]; NW of Guardian Village [133687, 93420]
Arret: Planet Cyrene - South of 0x101 Supply Depot [138476, 76863]
Weak Paneleon: Planet Cyrene - North of Rookie Training Area [138775, 77809]
Puny Mang Chang (L11): Planet Cyrene - South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
Puny Rhino Beetle (L13): Planet Cyrene - South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
WolperTinger: Planet Cyrene - This creature can only be spawned after having collected 200 Mazeweaver Certificates.
Nusul: Planet Arkadia - Near Robot Factory [21424, 13668]
Pandi Pup: Planet Arkadia - South Island Sanctuary, South of 8C Windy Isles [9558, 20937]
Oratan Miner (L24): Planet Arkadia - Undergound - Known locations are around Hidden Falls and SE of The Abyss - The tamable Oratan Miner is a L24 Oratan Miner Provider (different from the L23 Oratan Miner Provider) and it occurs occasionally among regular Oratan Miners
Adaptable Brown Papoo: Next Island - South of Crystal Center [137331, 83132]
Panther: Rocktropia - Around Panta Ridge [136050, 82200]
Android Video Vixen Clone Dancer: Rocktropia - In Hell [34661, 22265]
K-1, K-2, K-3 and K-4: Rocktropia - Tangerine District [134235, 83685]
Pygmy Island Gorilla: Rocktropia - Secret Island [38884, 18160] - Occurs occasionally among regular Island Gorillas
Pygmy Mountain Gorilla (L15): Rocktropia - Secret Island [38184, 19467] - Occurs occasionally among regular Mountain Gorillas
Pygmy Kong: Rocktropia - Secret Island [36243, 18560] - Occurs occasionally among regular Kongs
Sacred Kong: Rocktropia - Secret Island - Around Champion Beach teleporter. The access to this area is limited to owners of a Sacred Kong Idol. Tamable Sacred Kongs occur occasionally amond regular ones
Corinthian Kanin: Planet Calypso - NW of Altlantis Archipelago teleporter [60107, 69832]
Chirin Dragon: Planet Calypso - North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [60300, 70285]
Eudorian Devil: Planet Calypso - North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [61096, 70500]
Atrox: Any spawn, any maturity of Atrox anywhere can be tamed to obtain Atrox Pup
Atrox Sapphire Pup: This very rare creature has been seen in different places where regular Atrox is found
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