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Ai mission

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by krackers, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. krackers

    krackers New Member

    i noticed a lot of poaching for this mission i think i may have 2 simple solutions.#1 make it so if you turret one you have a 24 hour cool down to go on with ai kills. #2 also make it so only the Ai pistol can kill them in coding of the mob. just my thoughts.
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  2. Panther

    Panther New Member

    Every day I waste at least 100 kills of mobs, my time and PED trying to do the AI daily mission due to people poaching AI. I’m sick of it. Why should I spend my time a PED each day for others to complete the AI mission at my expense? People who think it’s okay to freeload off of others is a large part of what’s wrong with MA. This AI daily attracts more than it’s free share of Russian alt avatars and others with this mentality.

    I’ve previously suggested an instance where AI spawn (https://forum.neverdie.com/threads/instance-for-ai-generation.377/). The above suggestions are good too.

    I was also thinking something along the lines of not being able to kill any AI until you have met a quota of kills (400-500) of vixens or zombies. This would eliminate poaching and ensure that people contribute to Rocktropia.

    I really hope these messages are read by those who can implement change and that we will see a solution soon.
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