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  1. Panther

    The Road to War cave?

    I have a disciple starting on ROCKtropia. They said that they picked up the mission The Road to War from Lt. Funk. The first step is to ‘Get to the CND Patio Cave Exit’ and getting to the waypoint is doable. The second step is to ‘Get to the other side of the cave’, but there is no cave...
  2. Panther

    Instance for AI generation

    After a chat in Rocktropia today a few people suggested an instance which generated AI as you went about the killing mission in the instance would be desirable. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to complete the daily “The AI War”. This is due to the amount of people that run around...
  3. Panther

    Harlem Hustlers spawn increase

    For the mission “Antonios Bootleg Busk” (there should be an apostrophe here btw > Antonio’s), on stage 2 “Shakedown II: Kill 400 Harlem Hustlers” can we increase the spawn? The only ones that count for the mission are around the corner from The Shatster in New Harlem (136055, 88080) and by...
  4. Panther

    Harlem Wave bug

    The 2 waves in Harlem (135522, 88081 and 13600, 8300] never spawn anything. When you enter the ares they say “What the hell was that noise?...” Followed by “Starting wave 1 in 2 seconds...” twice but nothing is spawned.