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    Four Studio Street

    Sold some materials added new ones
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    Four Studio Street

    Four Studio Street is located on Studio Street and is now open. I'm selling Records, hit singles, albums, and mined minerals. Come have a look ... Please note opposite the shopkeeper on the wall are all terminals (Repair, Trade, Storage, Auctioneer, Crafting). Waypoint : [Rocktropia, 136986...
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    How to turn music off?

    Today when i logged in on RT there was music playing ingame. How do I turn it off? its really annoying me
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    Serious problem with NEVERDIE Studio and Prison Cells

    My NEVERDIE studio is now owned by someone else and I cannot claim it back. I still have the deed for it. I have the same problem with my prison cells both are owned by Planet ROCKtropia Manager and I cannot claim them back despite having the deeds on me. Obviously while they are owned by...